We hope that you are pleased with the purchase from Flipper. If you wish to return the product, bought from us, you can get either refund or exchange in the following way:


  • If the order sent from us is not as according to the desired order by customer, then we are ¬†obliged to return your paid amount.
  • If the order is mismatch in special attributes, like size, color etc. Then we are obliged to pay full refund of the product.
  • If you wish for refund of the product, then you must inform our customer service same day, as you receive the product. After that, this product should be return to us within 5 working days. Although we will refund all cash including delivery charges. This will only be applicable if the mistake is from our department.
  • The product should be in original condition, as its packaging/box. If the box of product is damage, we will deduct some amount from refund.
  • If the product is damage in any way or it is not the same as the original product sent by us, then we will not refund any cash associated with your purchase.
  • The product must include all the original accessories along with its user manual and packing.


You can get an exchange, if any of the following point applies:

  • If the purchase article is not properly adjustable in size.
  • If the desired product that you wished to exchange, must be in original condition and can only be replaced with same product.(Note : the product should only be change with same product only, it cannot be changed with other product)
  • The product that you wished to change should not be used it must be in original condition in order to exchange it.
  • If you want to exchange the product, even though you got it according to your ordered product, then you must pay delivery charges in advance.
  • If the article is mismatches with your desire order, then we will pay all of its delivery charges.